A lot of things interest me. Languages, public speaking, communication, art and associating with people are among my main interests.

Languages.I speak 5 languages( Russian, Polish, English, Ukrainian and German). Russian and Ukrainian are my native languages. I majored in English at the University, German was my minor. Languages are my hobby too. I have been teaching English for 9 years now. I have an extensive English teaching experience (kindergarten, elementary, grammar and high school, business training). I have taught different age groups ranging form 2 to 62, using different methods (Callan method, conversational method, English though drama and games). I have also taught at a few summer camps.

I have started my own company recently, basically concentrating on in-company language training. See more at www.injaz.eu . Another area I’m focusing on is helping business professionals prepare and deliver speeches in English and Russian. I provide advise on the speech structure (speech writing) and vocabulary, style of delivery and give feedback after the speech has been delivered. (See more below in the Public speaking section.) Here is the list of companies I taught or am teaching in-company English classes for the management,(General/Business English):

  • Microsoft
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Whirlpool
  • Metsa Tissue
  • Aventis
  • Janssen Cilag
  • Hydrobudowa – 6
  • Arval PHH Car leasing
  • Apsys Polska
  • Finplus
  • Cetelem
  • SAP Polska ltd
  • CAT LC Polska ltd
  • Verlag Dashofer ltd
  • Winterthur
  • Polimeri Europa ltd
  • Bank PEKAO Development
  • PKO BP
  • Dr.Irena Eris Laboratorium Kosmetyczne
  • Media Corporation
  • Cezar Sp.z.oo
  • Independent Telecommunications Consultants
    and many others.

Art. At the University I was a part of Drama Production first as an actor and later on as an associate director of a students’ theatre. We were creating our own performances working as a group. Students' theatre was the place where I learned and practiced brain storming, respecting the opinion of others and the foundations of team work.

Public speaking is another interest of mine. I joined Toastmasters International in year 2000 (Toastmasters Internationals is a public speaking and leadership program)and since then I have grown much in my presentation skills as well as in public speaking skills. After joining the club one is supposed to attend the meetings every Wednesday and deliver speeches to the audience, as well as to take up many other roles. After that one is evaluated and given points for improvement. It is a perfect learning and social environment www.toastmasters.org .

My life is not a career, it’s a mission. My mission is to deliver high quality linguistic services to business professionals and help them function in modern world of business.